Thursday, 23 January 2020

Reason for being AWOL

Hard to believe it's been so long since I last posted on my blog but so many things have been happening in that time.. mostly my mum being ill.

Three months to actually get a diagnosis..  High grade lymphoma in her head and now grade lymphoma in her bone marrow.   

6 bouts of Chemo combined with 4 lumbar punctures and I'm happy to say she is currently clear..  

To see someone with half a golf ball growing out their head was horrendous.. to hear the diagnosis was a shock..  to get a scan done only to be told there was actually 2 tumours.. one outside her skull and one on the inside was a real blow to the system.   Emergency admittance to hospital etc..  

I'm far from being a naive person but I felt rather ignorant to just how draining treatment is for the patient but also how much it impacts on family members lives.    

Anyway..  I've also been doing a lot of reflecting as at present I have no desire to make cards or anything and while flicking through different stuff I've discovered the problem I think so..  the old craft room will be getting a good spring clean..  lots and lots of products will be disappearing never to be seen again and I'm going to focus on getting back to what I used to love..  

Loz xx 

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